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An important business area of our company is the development of new test methods and test rigs. Our particular strength lies in the development and construction of special tailor-made test systems for example for in-process quality assurance or your R & D with the focus on your products and issues of course.

We always aim to build easy and intuitive operation interfaces with meaningful visualization without overloading the user with actually unnecessary information. With our modern and long proven interface design, we draw the user’s attention on the essentials! To achieve this goal we demand your active participation during the planning phase. Hereby we will find the optimal tailor-made solution for you!

The test rig will only leave our facility if we are sure that all operating states function as intended and the conformity of the system can be certified (CE Marking). A testing system always includes an extensive technical documentation with operating and maintenance instructions. The installation of the system is also part of our service as well as the maintenance.


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